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Sorsogon City UV Express Terminal non-compliant with LTFRB guidelines

Sorsogon City Van terminal. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

After experiencing a sort of rigodon, the terminal of UV Express here plying the Daraga Legaspi City route housed itself adjacent to a public school in total disregard of existing LTFRB guidelines.

First taking them out from the grand terminal, it took a shop at the vacant lot in Piot, then transferred to the former shopping center front space and moved to the space of the lot purportedly owned by the city consultant and now adjacent to Pilot Elementary School occupying less than 150 square meters.

Since the area is as big as a “pandesal tray” adjacent streets are used as parking area of the express van. In all the areas, nose in nose out rule is not observed.

The existing terminal at Barangay Talisay is a stone throw away from the all-knowing city consultant house and widely believed that its operations have the blessings of a power-hungry tying the hands of barangay officials who are also ignorant of the LTFRB guidelines.

Rumors are floating that someone is receiving 10 thousand pesos from the UV express group a month for the operation of the terminal and possible non-payment of business tax to city hall because of the strong invisible hand.

Let me now delve into the issues of non-compliance.

A terminal as defined by LTFRB under MC 2008-13 refers to any building or facility constructed primarily for the purpose of loading and unloading of passengers and cargoes of public utility vehicles and which conforms with the standards set forth for its operations.

Those standards include the “nose in nose out” meaning to enter the terminal the vehicle should not enter the terminal by backing, A cardinal rule to avoid traffic congestion.

The other standards which were not observed are the adequate and comfortable benches with backrest for waiting passengers, wide entrance and exit for easy mobility to and from the terminal, public address system and CCTV cameras for monitoring, sufficient number of security personnel to maintain public order and safety, priority lane for pregnant women, PWD, mothers travelling with infant or small children are left out.

Operating a terminal building should be one hundred meters away from institutional establishment particularly schools and hospitals. It doesn’t conform the regulations of the city zoning ordinance but the bladder behind is near rupture to empower that “I can do this, I can do that”.

Worse the terminal is operating illegally for it has not applied nor was able to secure an operational franchise to operate a UV Express terminal from LTFRB.

Its existence is comparable to two thousand plus job order employees.


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