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Human Rights Watch reaction to House’s CHR vote


The move by the Philippines House of Representatives to appropriate a mere 1,000 pesos (about $20) to the Commission on Human Rights for its 2018 budget would deal a blow against accountability for human rights violations in the Philippines. If the Senate concurred with this proposal by the Lower House, Congress would effectively defund the CHR. The vote by an overwhelming majority of the House of Representatives is part of the Duterte administration’s attempt to prevent independent institutions to check its abuses, particularly in the context of the brutal drug war that has claimed the lives of thousands, including dozens of children.

While the CHR’s performance as a constitutional body may not have been fully satisfactory to many Filipinos, its mandate is important in combatting human rights abuses. Instead of defunding it, Congress should increase its resources and ensure that it fulfills that mandate.

Phelim Kine
Deputy Asia Director
Human Rights Watch

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