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Tabaco City village wants urgent rehab for notorious minor young drug user, robber

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By Manly M. Ugalde

TABACO City, Albay, 39Aaug2017 — A barangay here has been desperately urging the government for immediate rehabilitation of a young drug user-robber the police considered as a notorious member of the feared Akyat Bahay Gang.

Mico Jimenez, 13, (not his real name) has long been the subject of hate and fear among residents of Barangay Baranghawon who tagged him as a slippery robber. Mico has never finished his Grade 1, although his mother claimed she had enrolled him often during enrolment period only to drop schooling later due to misdemeanors, she told the police. Mico is the 5th among 13 siblings.

Barangay residents wonder that Mico may, one day, become a victim of the feared Extra Judicial Killings that transpires daily since President Duterte launched his war on drugs, although Tabaco has yet to come out a chilling EJK incidents compared in other cities. Mayor Krisel Lagman Luistro warned the police she does not want blood spilling in the city saying, drug users deserve justice, she prefers rehabilitations as best option if need be. Like her father Rep. Edcel Lagman, Luistro is a known anti-death penalty and a human rights advocate.

The Tabaco Police has long recommended Mico for drug rehabilitation, which Baranghawon barangay chairman Rene Realizan has been waiting to give his constituents a sigh of relief. The police could only detain Mico briefly when arrested and turned him over to the Department of Social Welfare Administration which, in turn, released Mico for his parents’ custody being a minor, according to Tabaco deputy police chief Senior Police Inspector Jon Retumban. Retumban said Mico had been also found positive in a random drug test.

Realizan said that, pending rehabilitation of Mico, the Tabaco police and DSWD should be in their custody for public interest, saying his freedom is a headache in his barangay as Mico never stop in his trade.

Many in the barangay believe that Mico parents who, claimed to be helpless on him, are enjoying the fruit of Mico’s loot, said top barangay councilman Roy Barra. He said his friend, a known businessman and former barangay chair of another barangay, was also Mico’s victim.

Barra said Mico who knew he won’t be detain long for committing a crime, appeared to be enjoying his trade adding, Mico could be doing it in complete discernment.

According to Realizan, he had already asked the DSWD in 2015, after Typhoon Glenda, to deliver the DSWD housing assistance for Mico’s family in Bacacay town where the family originated. Mico’s family makeshift along the barangay river was among those washed out by floods during Typhoon Glenda.

Realizan said that Mico’s parents came to Baranghawon in 2004 under then barangay chairman Eduardo Borjal. Borjal cannot be contacted for comment as he was, allegedly at large, involving complaint for mauling a minor. He identified Mico’s father as Jose Benitez and mother Isabela Barnedo. The couple, according to Realizan, reportedly hailed from Cagraray Island off Bacacay, Albay.

Realizan said that with Mico’s unstoppable nefarious trade, his request for the DSWD to deliver housing materials for Mico’s family in their original residence in Bacacay town was granted only to find the family backed to Baranghawon a few months after, with Mico backed to same activity as a robber. Mico’s father, however, is now staying in Bacacay and come to Baranghawon on weekends to deliver supply from his harvest as a farmer.

Tabaco policemen claimed they’re no longer surprised if Mico is arrested and back to jail saying, he has become a frequent Tabaco cell guest. Mico’s usually targeted only cash on his victims. Some complaints, however, revealed that Mico, who was only after cash from his targets, had already added in his modus easily- carried valuable items like laptops and cellphones.

Baranghawon residents claimed that not all Mico’s victims are reported to police, especially when victims failed to recognize Mico as the culprit, citing a Baranghawon retired teacher who complained that the suspect, who failed to destroy one of her store padlocks, did not take any easily- carried valuable items, which the police describes as Mico’s modus. []

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