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NPA owns assassination of police officer in Bulan, Sorsogon

SPO1 Nestor Sanchez Austero. Photo courtesy of Bulan MPs

By Bicol Today News Team

SORSOGON CITY – The New People’s Army in the province has owned the killing Thursday of a police officer in Bulan.

In a statement posted at the internet by the NPA-Celso Minguez Command, (NPA-CMC) based in Sorsogon Province, the killing of Bulan policeman SPO1 Nestor Austero was “revolutionary justice” meted on him the “death penalty” for his “crimes against the revolutionary people” and active role in “counter-insurgency program”.

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Samuel Guerrero, NPA-CMC spokesman, said in the statement, police officer Austero was directly involved in effecting barangay intelligence network (BIN) in Bulan, and has been placing informants in several barangays of the town.

As cited by spokesman Guerrero: “On April 2015, Austero’s planted informer in Barangay Recto, Bulan, reported the presence of an NPA unit that resulted to combat operation by combined units of AFP and police and harassment of village civilians suspected as NPA sympathizers.

In year 2016, Austero was identified in Barangay Calpi as among the AFP-police in combat operation and was directly involved in the harassment of a family and forcible entry of a farmer’s house without any search warrant. In 2017, informants planted by the police officer in Barangay Namo and Recto again reported the presence of NPA fighters in the vicinity.

Guerrero said that although counter-insurgency is included in police tasks, NPA “revolutionary judgment” is selective in meting out to policemen, especially if they are involved in counter-insurgency directly and have committed abuses on the people, committed criminal acts, and has caused serious damage to the movement as a result of intelligence activities.

The NPA warned policemen not to get involved in counter-insurgency activities. []

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