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NDF-Bikol hits Sorsogon officials ‘doing nothing’ on rise of EJKs, civilian killings

Jerry Jenga. Photo courtesy of Padaba Bulan

By Bicol Today News Team

DAET, Camarines Norte – Public officials of Sorsogon Province were cited by the umbrella underground National Democratic Front-Bikol (NDF-Bikol) for “turning their backs” on the series of killings of civilians and barangay officials by gunmen suspected as belonging to state military and police forces.

In a statement sent Wednesday, August 30, NDF-Bikol criticized Sorsogon provincial officials for not doing their avowed duties to protect their constituency from human rights abuses by state troops and the series of killing of civilians.

Sorsogon officials have been ignoring the sad plight of rights-abused civilians in the Sorsogon hinterlands and the rise of state-sanctioned terror and fascism in the province, said NDF-Bikol.

“These Sorsogon officials always follow the AFP line spread out by their spokesmen that the killings are perpetrated by the NPA,” said NDF-Bikol.

NDF-Bikol cited the killing of Marinas barangay captain Jetomo was the handiwork of AFP hit men, and that the noontime killing of civilian Jerry Jenga on Tuesday, August 29, in Barangay Aquino, Bulan by a hitman from the 509th Public Safety Company (PSC). The hitman fled on a motorcycle toward the 509th PSC camp at the same village.

It also said that after the Tuesday murder of Jenga, that afternoon, Ronald Abion, a resident of Sitio Calaay, Barangay Tinampo, Irosin was shot by hitmen on a motorcycle belonging to 31st IBPA. Abion had long been harassed by the military as a “suspected NPA supporter”.

Sorsogon officials have been wallowing in power and comfort in their posts but, “not doing anything” to protect their constituency from state abuses, it added.

NDF-Bikol also called on the media and stakeholders in human rights movement to be on the watch for the rising fascism, state-sanctioned terrorism, and human rights abuses in Sorsogon and in other Bicol Provinces. [BicolToday.com]

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