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Customs smuggling controversy ‘sizzling hot’ on Duterte anti-corruption drive

MANILA, 27Aug2017 – BAYAN reacted tersely on the stinking smuggling controversy at the Bureau of Customs implicating President Duterte’s son on the billion-peso smuggling operations.

“The expose on corruption in the Bureau of Customs is not new. It has long been established how rotten the system is and how it contributes to other problems such as illegal drugs,” BAYAN said, informing on Sunday.

“What is perplexing is the weak response of Malacanang to the problem; simply replacing officials but not addressing the systemic issues,” lamented BAYAN.

According to the umbrella sector organization, the Customs expose’ discredits Duterte’s entire pledge to fight corruption. It does not help him that his son is also being implicated as part of the Davao Group that is receiving millions in payoffs in exchange for special privileges at the Bureau.

“Malacanang has dismissed or downplayed allegations linking Paolo Duterte to smuggling. This cover-up will only further discredit Duterte’s anti-corruption stand,” said BAYAN.

“It is fast turning into a sham. It is indeed ironic that a president who campaigned and won on a platform of fighting illegal drugs and corruption is now facing serious allegations that his son is involved in smuggling that enabled the entry of P6.4 billion worth of illegal drugs,” BAYAN declared. []

Paolo Duterte. Photo from Google

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