Militants mobilize for August 25, National Day of Action, Bicol students in sympathy move | BICOL TODAY

Militants mobilize for August 25, National Day of Action, Bicol students in sympathy move

Photo by Rico Manallo

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – The League of Filipino Students (LFS) continuing to demand justice for all victims of extrajudicial killings and the continuing rise of casualties in Duterte’s anti-drug campaign is mobilizing protest action for August 25, dubbed as Natioanl Day of Action.

According to student militants, Duterte has launched the drug war or “Oplan Tokhang” along with two other wars against the people.

Justice for Kian, justice for all

According to LFS, recent investigations on the case of Kian delos Santos, a grade 11 student and one of the latest victims of Oplan Tokhang, shows that he was indeed murdered by the police, shot in point blank, but officials of the Philippine National Police continue to deny it.

“Despite the [indisputable] evidences, the PNP continues to deny the grave crime they have committed. Instead, they have produced fake witnesses, lazy and ridiculous excuses, desperately trying to win public opinion back. Regardless of how much they try to redirect the issue or divert the attention of the people, the masses—those who knew Kian, those who knew victims of extrajudicial killings and their families—will always know the truth that the drug war is not a war against drugs, but a war against the poor,” LFS National Spokesperson JP Rosos said in a statement.

President Duterte, after a long time of silence on the death of 17-year-old, said that there should be an investigation but would never visit the wake for its many implications. “Duterte inevitable sides with the PNP over the people—he would rather not make his men uncomfortable than give condolences to the family of Kian. As commander-in-chief of these murderers, he enables them, encourages, and even rewards them for their crimes,” Rosos continued.

Kian is one of the dozens of minors who were killed, among 13,000 bodies dropped, treated as collaterals in Duterte’s inutile drug war.

Protests against fascism

LFS, along with other youth organizations, will hold a press conference Thursday in light of the intensifying fascism under the US-Duterte regime and all neoliberal attacks it is launching against the people.

The youth will dub August 25 as the National Day of Action against the fascist US-Duterte dictatorship. Schools will launch walkout protests on August 30, among other actions that will be announced in the press conference.

“If the US-Duterte regime and all of its cronies, its armed forces, have tirelessly assaulted the people, then the people will meet its onslaught; the masses will meet this state’s attacks with equal rage. The youth and the people will continue to demand justice for Kian, all victims of extrajudicial killings, the militarization of schools, and casualties of fascism and state terrorism. Together, we will expose how Duterte and state elements connive with the US government; through collective action, we will oppose the corrupt system and see true justice,” Rosos said. []

Photo by Rico Manallo

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