Militant students demand justice for Kian, 12,000 victims of Duterte's anti-people war | BICOL TODAY

Militant students demand justice for Kian, 12,000 victims of Duterte’s anti-people war

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CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – The League of Filipino Students (LFS), with chapters in most Bicol schools, demand justice for Kian delos Santos, a senior high school student, and all victims of Duterte’s war on drugs.

According to LFS, since the launching of Duterte’s anti-drug campaign, more than 12,000 persons have been killed and the number increases daily.

“This grave crime was not the first and will never be the last as long as Duterte and the mercenary Armed Forces, all bloodthirsty hounds of the US imperialist, remain in power and continue their rule of terror. These fascists continue to pacify the people, reduce their rights into empty statements,” LFS National Spokesperson JP Rosos in Manila said, in a statement sent to Bicol Today.

LFS summed up the situation about the anti-drug campaign: Amidst all evidences and witness accounts of foul play and planted drugs, the Philippine National Police (PNP) continues to attest to their falsified claims. The local police questions the validity of the reports against them by using ridiculous excuses. They claim that the footage found is not definitive evidence that Kian was apprehended by the police before killing him because of its low resolution. They also continue to tag the community as a drug-ridden environment, implying that it is possible that Kian is possibly involved in illegal transactions.

Rosos continued, “the PNP desperately tries to offer excuses, redirect it to the drug-menace they have always been campaigning but the blood trail leads to them. The men who have shot Kian, other who are willing to continue this culture of injustice, and Duterte for enabling and rewarding them for every single body that drops in the name of his drug war.”

Rosos also stressed that the incoming plan for drug testing within schools are bound to make the students vulnerable to attacks of the state and its fascist culture.

“They are trying to bring Oplan Tokhang to our schools and target the youth—we must not let that happen,” Rosos vowed.

When asked about the recent spike in killings—32 casualties in one night in Bulacan—Duterte simply said that it is progress.

“Duterte continues to endorse indiscriminate killings that targets ordinary citizens, the poor, treating them like disposable garbage, and yet politicos, personalities, and individuals from known and rich families get to demand due process. This is a clear line between the ruling elite and the masses, an obvious example of the class war,” Rosos added.

“Contrary to what PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa said, the police and all state forces have no respect for human lives. The death of Kian is not an isolated event but an example, a manifestation of this corrupt system and how the administration and its officials maintains the widespread repression. The US-Duterte regime, along with its collaborators and those who benefit from the continuing oppression of the people will pay for their crimes. Through collective action, we will achieve justice, and our demands for genuine change,” Rosos said.[]

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