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ACT reaction to Taguiwalo’s rejection: The oligarchs win!

Judy Taguiwalo. Photo from Facebook

MANILA – “The oligarchs won… through the Commission on Appointments, they have rejected a tested public servant whose bias is for the working class people in our society.

“Dr. Judy Taguiwalo is the anti-thesis of what this current administration under Duterte represents”, Mr. Benjamin Valbuena, President of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) said.

But then, a larger “office of the people” of course is eager to welcome her back though we did not lose her in the first place. The people’s movement supported her nomination including her very own organization, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT).

True to her words, she literally turned-in from the graveyard that was DSWD during Dinky Soliman’s term. We knew that while she despise program components of the DSWD she headed for more than a year, she knew the limitations of her position and persevered to influence a big department that is supposed to be the link of the government to the people they have vowed to serve.

And, it was not an easy journey for her. The legislators raised a howl when she put her foot down on red tape and contain politician’s access to people’s taxpayer’s money through DSWD’s program and services for their selfish objectives. So the tug-of-war began to confirm or not to confirm her nomination.

So, August 16, 2017 is a black day if not a day of disgust for the Filipino people because of a very unpopular decision by the Commission on Appointments (CA). They have rejected not Dr. Judy Taguiwalo alone. The CA have rejected the Filipino people who had a year of reliable, swift and prop-poor service under her short-lived term of office.

And, who lose in the end? It is the entire Duterte regime who have favored the whims of the oligarchs in his government and have misused their power against a tide of respect and salute to a genuine public servant that was personified by Dr. Judy Taguiwalo and the people she represented from the Left, Mr. Benjie Valbuena said. []

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