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Concerned citizens fear for EJK to a young robber, drug user

DOH Bicol press briefing. Photo by Elmer James Bandol

By Manly M. Ugalde

TABACO CITY ( – Mico Jimenez, 13, (not his real name) is waiting to be placed under drug rehabilitation being worked out by the Philippine National Police in Tabaco City.

Pending rehabilitation, however, the unlettered Mico continues with his trade as a robber and drug user and the police could not detain him long being a minor who is simply referred to the Department of Social Welfare and Development where the freedom is eventually given him under his parents’ custody.

Mico who is a resident of Barangay Baranghawon, is now listed as among the Tabaco National Police notorious young criminals involved in a trade known as the Akyat Bahay Gang preying anywhere in the city. Mico is only after preying for cash, according to the police.

Baranghawon top councilman Roy Barra confirmed Mico is a Baranghawon resident and he advises residents to see to it their premises are free from Mico’s notoriety, the boy being a minor-age which the law prohibits long incarceration on crimes committed.

A retired teacher complained to the police on Sunday that an unidentified suspect allegedly attempted to rob her sari-sari store in Baranghawon, but failed to destroy the two padlocks, and Mico was their suspect who did not even dare taking non-heavy valuable objects such as rice cooker and thermo at the mini-kitchen attached to the store. As usual, the suspect is Mico.

Police records showed Mico’s family is residing in a tent along the river of Baranghawon with his mother and 13 siblings. Mico’s father works as a peasant at San Miguel island, a 45-minute ride from Tabaco via motorized banca. He goes home weekend to bring harvest for the family needs.

Tabaco deputy police Chief Inspector Jon R. Retumban said he had been meeting often with Mico for counseling in a bid to reform him, admitting Mico has already a record number of detentions at the police for robbery.

According to Retumban, Mico had been involved in Akyat Bahay trade as young as 7 years old, adding the boy has not even finished his grade one in elementary. He said his mother often enrolled Mico in grade 1, only to drop a few months after due to misdemeanors.

Retumban explained that Mico had been diagnosed to have a minor mental problem that a doctor-psychologist reportedly prescribed him medicine intended to calm him down when attack occurs.

But the parents do not have the money to sustain Mico’s medicine, adding that extreme poverty is the big factor that leads Mico to commit crimes. Retumban admitted, that a drug test conducted on Mico also found him positive, a factor that only reinforces his criminal activity. Being small in size, the slippery Mico easily penetrates premises or houses of his targets.

He said the last time Mico was arrested and jailed shortly, he was hard to walk like a partially crippled person after he jumped from the second floor of the house of his victim who had pursued him.

Some policemen interviewed said Mico caters most for cash only, saying complaints from his victims showed only cash were divested by Mico from them. Among Mico’s victims is the residence of former Vice Mayor Rey Bragais.

Retumban, however, clarified that Mico has already included in his targets non-heavy valuable objects such as laptop and cell phones should he fails to recover cash.

Informed that in Barangay Baranghawon, many are already wondering why Mico is still alive with the proliferation of Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) involving drugs and other criminalities, Retumban said: Wag naman sana (we hope not), saying they are working hard for his rehabilitation and the boy has still a big chance to reform. He said the police can only recommend for rehabilitation, and the decision now lies within the City Health Office and the DSWD.

Retumban explained that, in some of his dialogues with Mico, his mother and older siblings at their residence, he said they’re all pleading for Mico to reform, adding he even proposed to Mico to stay at the police headquarters where he can served as an errand boy, so that he would be able to have his free meals and snacks, adding every police at the headquarters are sympathetic on him to the extent of sharing him extra cash when going home.

The police officer recalled an occasion that when Mico was at the police, he ordered him foods from a fastfood for his snacks, but was surprised that he took only the hamburger. He prodded him to eat them all, but the poor Mico touched his heart when he said “dalhin ko po Sir kay mama at mga kapatid ko.”  (I’ll just take them home for mama and my siblings). []

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