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Pro-life Sorsogon City: ‘We are dying of thirst. Do not give us mud!’

Water rationing in Sorsogon City. Photo by Paqz Briones Gualvez


Sorsogon citizens want clean, potable water, but they are being given mud.

Rewinding back to history, remember Marie Antoinette during the French uprising just before they stormed the Bastille, the fortress of the monarchy. Marie shouted back at the protesting hungry French farmers who were crying out loud for bread. “Let them eat cake if they have no bread to eat”, Marie lashed out at the protesting French masses. After the uprising, she was beheaded.

The persons who have caused this chaos deserve to be “hanged and guillotined”. Pardon us for our choice of words in drawing up a picture of “Sorsogon as a city of despair and dismay.”

At the start, it was the promising water from “heaven”- cheap, clean and potable, and for everybody!

The promised water is Life itself, destined to nourish every Sorsogueño – men, women, and children as inspiring as the election messages for Sorsogon City dished out by the powers-that-be: “Saves Lives as Sally Lee”, the Pro-Life City.

Everybody gulped them down, every hook, line, and sinker. Nobody complained about the offensive sweat and the “great piss” from the city, provincial, water officials and private investors.

It is clean water that Sorsogon City has been obsessing for.

But water proponents have lobbied: first, it must come from private hands, meaning the water provider and dispenser must not come from the government and should be “privatized” into the hands of a chosen private one who will be the water provider and dispenser; never mind if he rakes in millions in profit from the bargain offered by the water agency as long as the city gets clean, potable water.

In 2016, Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) and Prime Water forged the deal, clean water for all Sorsogueños – filthy rich and dirty poor – for the “great wash up”.

And, the promised dream was realized amid victorious celebrations by SCWD, public officials, and Prime Water investors.

The water deal was harsh from the start. 71 employees were “flushed out” from their jobs, out of 125 employees of SCWD. 14 were absorbed by Prime Water, while 40 had remained “floating”, without job tenure security.

The deal was “world-class” in machination and “statesmanship maneuverings”. The contract was fast-tracked into approval in connivance with city and provincial officials.

There were questions raised at the city council and provincial board, but they were only questions and the answers were not important.

Suspicions about “talent and consultancy fees” paid to approving officials were also raised, but they were not tagged as “bribe money nor corruption.”

All controversial issues, profit, liability, and public interests, were all watered down, diluted, and flushed out.

And, now this week, the great water dream is being washed out when the faucets are drying up, and when mud started squirting out from where clean water was supposed to flow.

The City is now dehydrating, thirsty Sorsogueños with their dry throats crying out loud for clean water, not mud water. Many are desperate for “declaration of State of Calamity” for the city.

The dream has turned into a nightmare when, during evenings, the faucets are still dry after daylong water interruptions owing to water rationing.

Water-less Sorsogon City can no longer be pro-life.

And, pro-life Sorsogueños do not deserve mud water for drinking.

Sorsogueños deserve a much better deal.


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