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Anti-poverty commission holds peace forum in Mindanao; LGUs crucial in peace-building

Photo from NAPC Sec. Liza Maza Facebook page

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY ( – The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) conducted a peace forum for Mindanao with hope of setting up a road map for lasting peace as a crucial factor for development.

“Because the peace process is ultimately about the people at the grassroots, LGUs play a crucial role in peace-building,” NAPC Secretary Liza Maza said during the opening of the peace forum, “Building Sustainable Peace: Prospects and Challenges for Social and Economic Reforms in Local Governance,” at the Hotel Conchita, in Cagayan de Oro last Wednesday, June 28.

“To address the armed conflict, we should recognize that it is deeply rooted in poverty which is caused by underdevelopment, inequality, and injustice. The failure of past administrations to do so resulted in anti-poverty measures that only provided short-term relief and aggravated the armed situation in the country side,” Sec. Maza added.

The two-day peace forum, organized by NAPC under its Roadmap to Peace program, with the Philippine Ecumenical Platform for Peace, and Sowing the Seeds of Peace, is participated by delegates from LGUs, NGOs, church organizations, and multi-sectoral organizations from different regions in Mindanao.

“The response of the LGUs on this event is overwhelming. Beyond being keepers of peace and order in their communities, they have become active participants in the campaign for a just and lasting peace. Peace and development is part and parcel of local governance,” Sec. Maza added.

NAPC, in consultation with the basic sectors has identified peace as one of the ‘10 Basic Needs’ of poor Filipinos, along with food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, work, social protection, healthy environment, and participation.

The agency’s anti-poverty agenda, Kilos Sambayanan (Kilos para saSampungBatayangPangangailangan), is a call for convergence and a commitment among all sectors of society to address poverty across its many dimensions and represents the ultimate ‘measuring stick’ of the impact of government programs on the lives of the poor.

“We are working closely with the LGUs to bring our anti-poverty agenda closer to the poor and marginalized sectors of our society. Our goal is to transform poverty eradication into a mass movement of the people, politically and economically empowered to ensure that their needs are being addressed by their government, by being active participants in governance and nationalist development,” Sec. Mazasaid.

The two-day peace forum will tackle issues such as the peace situation in Mindanao, the CASER, the Bangsa Moro peace process, and prospects after the 5th round of the GRP-NDFP peace talks.

“NAPC supports the clamor to continue the peace talks between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front and finally approve the Comprehensive Agreement on Social Economic Reforms (CASER) to address the roots of poverty and achieve lasting peace, especially in the countryside,” Sec. Maza concluded. []

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