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Salary increase not additional work, junk K to 12 says Bicol ACT-Teachers Union

ACT-teachers union joins Labor Day Protest. Photo

By Reynard Magtoto

LEGAZPI CITY, 02May2017 ( – Accredited ACT-Teachers Union in Bicol joined various progressive groups during #LaborDayPH protest in Albay as they marched through Pinaglaban monument to demand an end to labor flexibilization schemes as result of neoliberal policies of present regime.

According to Nick Sambitan of Bicol ACT-Teachers union, Duterte failed his promise for teachers’ salary increase. “We, teachers, are also workers. During his campaign, Duterte promised for additional 10, 000 pesos for teachers’ salary. However 10 months already passed, some of his promise remains bogus. Instead of salary increase, teachers were given additional work,” he said.

There are many noeliberal policies of the present regime in Department of Education (DepEd) such as K to 12 program which the government of the country is not ready for its implementation according to Sambitan.

“Teachers are not enough, no buildings and the knowledge of the teachers are not enough to teach under K to 12 program because of insufficient training given to teachers,” Sambitan said.

He added that this neoliberal policy is not only burden to teachers but also to parents who will send their children for additional two years of basic education just to level the country with other countries in the world.

“Yes we lack two years in basic education but K to 12 program must be studied carefully before its implementation because this program will not serve the needs of Filipinos but for the foreign countries,” said Sambitan.

Sambitan added K to 12 program offers vocational courses to provide job needs in the world, not in the country.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), 71 million youths around the globe are unemployed. They also noted that youth are also victims of forced labor migration due to lack of domestic jobs.

“Before we provide the needs of other country, the needs of the Filipinos for them to have a good living must be provided first,” Sambitan stated. “Some Filipinos are being killed everyday abroad. Filipinos are forced to work abroad to have a decent living because our government fails to provide jobs for the masses.”

“Massive unemployment is key to wage depression and various labor flexibilization schemes,” Kabataan Partylist Rep. Sarah Elago said. According to independent think tank IBON, the NCR minimum wage at P491 for NCR and P250 for ARMM is grossly incomparable to P1,119 that a family needs in order to address its basic needs.

“Exploitative schemes such as the DO 174 will gravely endanger young workers. Combined with Herrera Law and other oppressive policies, it will not only pull down wages, but also attack their right to unionize and assert their demands,” Elago added.

“The youth, as the nation’s future labor force, are already being molded according to the demands of the global market,” Elago explained.

The young solon adds that the K to 12 program is geared towards the production of massive cheap and docile semi-skilled labor. “As a thrust of ASEAN and the World Bank, it further aims to harmonize educational systems in the region, to facilitate exchange of skilled labor capital for the abuse of the global market,” said Elago.

In the sectors of teachers and employees of the government, punishment is being provided instead of salary increase according to Sambitan. He said all of these are dictation of imperialist country which they are the ones running our government.

Sambitan also lambasted the Individual Commitment and Review Form (IPCRF), Performance-Based Bonuses (PBB) and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which are among the neoliberal policies that burden the Filipino workers especially the teachers.

“The IPCRF which requires teachers to take photos while teaching is lunacy,” Sambitan said. “The work of teachers is to teach not to document because we are not workers in a museum or in archives.” []

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