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Sorsogon City ‘forced it will’

Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’Espineda, Jr.

With a huge public banner displayed prominently with the mother figure look of City Mayor Sally Lee declaring that Sorsogon City is “drug free” the truth came out after the arrest by drug enforcement agents the past days of two individuals in possessions of illegal drugs.

The arrest runs smack right into the face of the city occupants. This becomes a “forced it will” propaganda hoping that the tabled data of Oplan Tokhang numbers may add colors to their illustrious careers.

Who bloated the bubble that ultimately burst to leave ire among netizens who were made to understand and believed that indeed the City is drug free? Was it the PNP, perhaps the brightest boy of them all at city hall who knows when to use lies after lies to the benefit patrons? Or maybe the disgruntled PDEA agents who were left out in the cold that certain tangible pieces of information were not shared with them?

The people who are asking who orchestrated the masquerade of Notre Dame.

The tremors from the political front made them cross the line of truth. A desperate risk for desperate measures was initiated to prop up a sagging image. Combatting helpless individuals in the guise of tourism becomes a ploy for profit, all the same in telling Sorsoganons that you have a “drug free city.”

Now the statistics stand that Sorsogon City is not after all “drug free” a rebuke of the assumption that they are connected with the right information by capable agencies, at least they have an excuse to point fingers. But such excuse is not for taking for what was at stake is the dispensing of right, truthful information to the public not with concocted sour vinegar solutions.

You served us a rotten drink to swallow!

The failure revealed a dysfunctional apparatus that further proved ill conceive ideas of the man who knows it all and acting as if the owner of the body and soul of RA 8806. Such that even the order to close illegal gambling places remained a truthful lie for there still under the patronage that a cockpit is operating without the amusement board license. A finger was not lifted for its closure.

What will become of us here in Sorsogon City, to be fed by forced? To be a subject of the powerful few who reign supreme because of power and money? As said by old “spoiled brats comes to life because of wealth and power” but wise Jun said, “your days are numbered.”

The stigma of lies hung in that banner that declared “Sorsogon City is Drug Free” that new deodorants are needed to float the air in an uncertain declaration that even General Douglas Mc Arthur will say “ I Shall Not Return”.

This is a defining moment of what legacy they will leave after leaving the cubicle of power. It will haunt them long for their “forced it will.”

[ 7, 2017]

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