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A Mayor Commits Offense Most Foul Against The Cross

By Atty. Ferdinand E. Laguna

The butler did it.

This a very common phrase, some say attributed to a British detective story writer named Mary Roberts Rhinehart who lived from 1876 to 1958.

The butler committed the crime, so the butler did it.

But in this story I now say “the Med Rep saw it”.

And I refer of course to a medical representative, yes, the industrious lady or gentleman who sells legal drugs to doctors and sometimes to local government units. He or she is therefore a common presence in hospitals, doctors clinics, and of course, in mayors’ offices.

In this true story, a Med Rep was able to bag a deal to supply medicines to a local government unit. Not that she/he is congenitally corrupt but she/he has to earn a living so she/he, with serious misgivings, agreed to pay bribe to get the contract, and that bribe consisted of cash taken from the payment to him/her which he/she must pay to the Mayor.

The Mayor must have expected a bigger bribe that what the Med Rep believed he/she was to pay. And thus after collecting, he/she went to see the Mayor to pay the bribe.

The Med Rep placed the cash in an envelope and tried to give it to the Mayor. The Med Rep thought that, given that it was clearly an illegal and unChristian thing for the Mayor to be demanding and receiving a bribe, the Mayor would be discreet about and thus would just tell him/her to just leave the envelope at his/her table and pretend as if nothing illegal was going on. “Deadma” as the present generation would say.
But lo and behold!

The Mayor counted the bills one by one and found out that the bribe was lesser than what she/he expected so in disgust she/he threw the envelope back to the Med Rep.
“Hindi ka marunong tumupad sa usapan!”, the Mayor berated the Med Rep.

But as the Mayor threw back the envelope to the Med Rep the bills fell out from it and were scattered on the floor.

The Med Rep was so schocked with what had just happened. So, even if she/he thought of picking up the bills, she could not move from where he/she sat. As the Mayor saw that the Med Rep would not pick up the bills, yes, thousands of pesos scattered on the floor, the Mayor had no choice but to STOOP down to pick them up. Thereupon a GOLD CROSS dangled from her/his neck.

“Susmaryosep! Ano ito?” The Med Rep could only mutter to him/herself in disbelief.
Yes, my Dear Readers, the Mayor did it, and the Med Rep saw it.

You wish to know who this Mayor is?

Well, as they say in the medical community, don’t self medicate, ask a doctor.

But I will give you a clue – he/she surrounds his/her self with religious images and mentions God every time he/she speaks in public.

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