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‘Parents will also suffer in Jeepney Phase-out’

By BicolToday.com staff

LEGAZPI CITY, 27Feb2017 (BicolToday.com) – Jeepney Drivers and Operators are in the forefront of neoliberal attack through Jeepney Phase-out under Emergency Traffic Power Bill. However, other sectors will also be affected especially the parents.

“Parents are also affected, especially the mothers like us, if Jeepney Phase-out will be pursued since we budget our daily family expenses,” Estrella Damaso asserted during the transport strike in Albay.

Damaso decided to join the Progressive group Bayan-Albay to demand for the rights of the people.

With eagerness to support the calls of the transport sector, she went as early as 4:00 am today in the designated Mass Action center of Condor-Piston Bicol near Divine Word College of Legazpi.

Condor-Piston Bicol is against the government’s step that operators are encouraged to replace their old jeepney.

Emergency Traffic Power Bill (House Bill 4334) is pushing for Jeepney Phase-out or replacing the 15 year old and above jeepneys with e-jeep and Euro 4.

“Since these vehicles are million worth, for sure every operators will suffer in great debts,” Ramon Rescovilla, secretary-general of Condor-Piston Bicol.

Rescovilla added that e-jeep cannot survive in its daily routine as new mode of transportation since it is not appropriate in the climate and mountainous area in the country especially here in Bicol.

“It cannot operate 24/7 just like jeepney at present. Entering into Fleet Management Program wherein big businessmen will control the jeepney, franchise and income will just worsen these situation,” Rescovilla said.

Almost 600,000 drivers and 200,000 small operators will be affected in proposed bill, members of the family directly affected not yet included.

During the first batch of dry-run of e-jeeps in Metro Manila, it appeared that the fare will increase by 20 pesos.

Damaso expressed that she cannot afford to spend 20 pesos for the fare. “I’m already problematic with the present fare Php 7-8,” she said.

Even they do not send children to school, Damaso worries for the additional expenses in the family since her husband do not generate income regularly as fisherman. [BicolToday.com]

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