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Love In Sorsogon City

By Atty. Ferdinand E. Laguna

Sorsogon City was full of love last 14 February 2017. My dates were my ex girl friend and someone who always calls me handsome.

Don’t let your mind wonder and wander – I refer to my wife and my wacky, youngest daughter.


Casa Dominga, ably managed by Bobot and Racquel Mateo, brimmed with lovers, families and everyone who wanted to dine on Valentine’s night.

We had baby back ribs, seafood plate, tapioca, ice cream, chicken, cordon bleu, callos and of course my favorite – maki rolls.

Bobot and Racquel should give such treats regularly.


They also had a folk singer, I heard from Legaspi City, a solo act.

I thought Gale and or Lanlan or Melody, given the proper package, would have sang better.


Gale, to those who haven’t heard her, is a student of Sorsogon State College who could give Diane Krall, yes the jazz singer, a run for her money.

A lawyer friend who for the first time heard her sing, – she did “Yesterday I Heard The Rain” – was so touched that he could not help but rummage through the CDs in his car on the spot and did not let the night end without giving Gale his precious , Best of Diane Krall CD.


Lanlan of course is the vocalist of my brother’s band who brings out goose bumps more with “Hanggan” than Wency Cornejo does.

He is your next door musical talent who, if you want to remember your Father who was a Matt Monro fanatic, could make your day with his version of the Spanish version of “Cant Take My Eyes Off You.”

His “Besame Mucho”, sometimes with Gale, would make you kiss your love more.

A Sorsoganon singing in Spanish?

Why not, he could even sing in French.


Melody of course is the female voice in the song ALITAPTAP, an original song inspired by the fireflies of Buhatan River.

You should hear her give life to these lines:

“O, alitpatap na kay ganda
Ang pagdaan ko’y hinihintay mo ba
Marahil sayo’y nasabi Niya
Nangangarap pa rin ako, naglalakbay pa


Of course, you have to close your eyes when you listen to her in that song , and you’ll realize that indeed, there is a Mighty Creator.

For if there is none, how could we savor music from the likes of Melody, Gale and Lanlan?

Or realize the meaning of the daylight invisible but night aglow firefly?


I once heard Melody sang “Unbreak My Heart”, and like Gale, she could be better than the original.


Incidentally, Lanlan and Melody are the original voices of the original song “LOVE IN SORSOGON CITY”, the first lines of which run:

“ Night falls to the two of us
As the waves gently dance
As the sun says goodbye
You’re here with me
We hold hands by the sea
So In love beneath the sunset, oh sweet love by the sea”


Is there a beautiful, love – inducing sunset in Sorsogon City?

Yes of course. Otherwise that song would not have been written

Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day.

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