Can A Political Operator Of A Mayor Use A Facility In The LGU’s Hall Without Official Permission As If He Is An Elected or Appointed Official Therein When In Truth He Is Not?

By Atty. Ferdinand E. Laguna

This really happened, one day in January 2017, in a local government unit here in the Province of Sorsogon.

One afternoon this political operator, acting as if he is the Mayor, called for all the security guards and some traffic enforcers and berated them.

His voice was so loud that those in the ante room of the conference room could very well hear him.  He is  heard to have said  that  they have  caused  them  embarrassment  and  that they  will only hire those  who  are  their allies. When he caught one of those he was berating laughing, he confronted him.

One in the ante room who heard him described the words he heard in Bicol as “dili makaon” (could not be swallowed).

I have asked around if  he  was  given  any permission   from  the  office  which  is in charge  of  the  room  and  I was told  that  he  did not  secure  any permission  from any  official  therein. Wow.

There is no record at hand if he has any appointment issued by the Mayor.  But it is certain that he does not hold any regular position therein.  And  assuming  he does,  what  authority  would  he have  to  use  a  government  facility,  call for and  preside  over  a  gathering  of  government  employees  and worse  berate them?

Can a private person just use a public facility for obviously partisan political purpose?

I am told that the employees just suffered in silence. I do not know if deep inside they have resented the abuse they suffered.

He is undeniably a bully.

And if you employees of this local government let him bully you, he will.  Remember Rizal – no hay berdugos, no hay esclavos… if my Spanish is right. The next time he swaggers around in your work place, ask him if he has any appointment. Or  remember  what  President  Digong  kept  on saying to  ordinary, law  abiding citizens  viz a viz  abusive  conduct  against  them.

Same is  true with  some  of  the elected  officials  of this  local  government  unit.  The story that is going on there is not at all flaterring to you.   Gintatarawahan na daw tabi kamo san mga empleyado dida  kay  haen man kuno an isog niyo sa  iba na tawo  kay dili niyo pipakita  sa tawo na ini. Of course  there  are  who  this  fellow  could  not  bully.

But why is this political operator acting as more powerful than his   Mayor?

Well, as the millenials would say – secret.  And your guess  my dear Reader  may not  be  as  good  as mine,  it  could  be better.

Advance Happy Valentines to everyone.

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[ 7, 2017]

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