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Political analyst: blame Chiz on Poe disqualification; Chiz playing ‘Trojan Horse Politics’

Senators Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero. Contributed Photo
Senators Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero. Contributed Photo

MANILA – Chiz’ game: Trojan Horse Politics, but nobody knows the rules, only him.

All the blames must be slapped on Senator Chiz Escudero over the disqualification of presidential hopeful Senator Grace Poe.

Chiz has known all the time that Poe shall meet very rough sailing regarding her citizenship issue and other requirements, such as residency, which would ultimately lead into her disqualification, a prominent political analyst said.

Escudero must not blame anybody, since he is the one who has been pushing Poe to aim for the top post, unmindful of the problems she would be facing later on, until the Commission on Elections disqualified her last week.

Aside from being Poe’s strategist, Escudero is a lawyer, owning a law firm and strongly allied with the best lawyers who could have steered Poe clear from any foreseen legal problems.

Escudero is likened to the ‘Trojan Horse’ in current Philippine politics, the political analyst continued.

“It’s Trojan Horse Politics, the kind of politics Chiz has been waging ever since he started getting into alliances with the big names in top-level politics, just to climb higher into big game politics now, where he is inching closer to the top posts,” Professor Joey Sindayen Pinalas, the political analyst, said.

Professor Pinalas teaches socio-political thought and philosophy of politics at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Binay connection

As Poe’s vice-presidential mate, Chiz has the guts to meet Jejomar Binay, also a strong presidential aspirant and Poe’s strong opponent, and had a meeting with Binay over lunch in Davao several weeks before Poe was disqualified.

“Did Chiz and Binay discuss the disqualification of Poe during the Davao meeting before the COMELEC disqualification decision was made several weeks later?” Professor Pinalas wondered. “Was the Davao meeting unintentional, or were there secret talks between Binay and Chiz if Poe’s disqualification would happen?”

Intriguing questions, motives

According to the Professor, after Poe’s disqualification, many doubts and questions about Chiz’ intentions and hidden motives started to come out.

“On why did Chiz forge that Poe-Escudero tandem in the first place?” Professor Pinalas wondered again. “What is Chiz’ real motive and agenda?”

“Remember, Chiz was the architect on Binay’s win over Mar Roxas for the vice-presidential post in 2010 presidential elections, and he organized the NoyBi (Aquino-Binay) coalition, defeating Roxas who was Aquino’s official running mate,” Professor Pinalas stressed.

The Professor recalled that according to media reports, Binay’s camp was the first in raising the issues on citizenship and residency of Poe that were brought out publicly by UNA president and Navotas congressman Toby Tiangco.

Trojan Horse Politics

Pinalas described Chiz’s game as “Trojan Horse Politics” owing to his cunning, deceptive, and secret motives in politics.

He recalled that when Chiz was opposition leader in Congress and spokesman for Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), there were reports that Chiz was still receiving pork barrel from (then) President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

In 2010, Chiz was the “Trojan Horse” reported by media as the young presidential wannabe who tried to convince (then) President Arroyo to help him run for the presidency.

The big names, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Arroyo, Danding Cojuangco, Mar Roxas, Serge Osmena, Ping Lacson, Manny Villar, Noynoy Aquino, and Jejomar Binay, all these big guns had helped Chiz rise up in politics as to reach presidentiable status now.

But, Chiz has turned his back on them, and he made enemies out of the others.

“Let’s wait on what would happen to Poe during his partnership with Chiz,” Pinalas said.

Miriam Santiago’s ‘words of wisdom’

Senator Miriam Santiago, a law expert and also presidential aspirant, said Poe has serious qualification problems.

“The Constitutional provisions are very clear on the requirements for the president and vice-president. . . In all of these provisions, the requirement is a natural-born Filipino. The Constitution says a natural-born Filipino is one who becomes a Filipino citizen even without undertaking any act. . . No, she is not. I am sorry to say,” Santiago said before the media.

At present, several disqualification cases were filed against Poe, and these are related to her citizenship and residency in the Philippines. [BicolToday.com]


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