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COOP NATCCO Partylist bares achievement in Congress

COOP NATCCO second nominee Dr. Anthony Bravo making the rounds in Camarines Sur. FACEBOOK PHOTO

COOP NATCCO second nominee Dr. Anthony Bravo making the rounds in Camarines Sur. FACEBOOK PHOTO

SORSOGON CITY ( The midterm 2013 election was forecasted by COOP NATCCO as banner year for cooperatives nationwide. The next three years will further strengthen the cooperative agendas. “We, the nominees of the Network will push multi-advocacy that will enhance the health, education, environment and livelihood opportunities of the marginalized Filipinos” was the statement released by COOP Network.

The statement comes in the heels of a pronouncement of certain party list groups questioning the works of the NATCCO Network beginning the 11th Congress which they said are all centered on enriching the cooperatives. It was denied by the Network.
Citing their 11th Congress records, the statement said that five of their House Bills were approved by Congress naming House Bill 6405 that seeks to amend the Cooperative Code, HB 6406 that deals with the amendments of the Cooperative Development Authority, HB 6740, which seeks to clarify the tax exemptions privileges of cooperatives and House Bill 7755, which pushes for a representation of the cooperatives in the composition of the board of directors of the Land Bank of the Philippines and HB 4040 instituting cooperative education to all school levels. “We have done it in our first entry in congress” said the statement.

“Initially. we only have 90 scholars, but we optimized our funds granting 125 million for cooperatives to enhance productivity, we funded irrigation projects, extended medical assistance, infrastructure projects which until now the beneficiaries are using.” said the group.

“Our accomplishment in the 13th Congress speaks of our interest to empower the country side which were left out by traditional party list people by political names, the COOP NETWORK filed 139 resolutions and House Bills, and House Bill 1954, the Financial Service Cooperative Act got the support of majority of the house members. The statement further revealed that they strongly supported the passage of House Bill 2591, the Farmers Security Tenure Act, HB 2978, the National Land Use Act of the Philippines, HB 1247, dealing with the Idle Disposable Public Land Conversion Act, the Re-organization of the National Food Authority under HB 418 and knowing the hardship of the labor sector, it supported the passage of the 125 pesos Daily Across the Board Wage Increase under House Bill 345. The extension of the Agricultural Competitive Enhance Fund (ACEF) was co-authored by the COOP NATCCO. It was approved by the lower house.”

“The 14th Congress, the marginalized sector gave us another mandate, proving our worth as their representative the COOP NATCCO co-authored 126 House Bills and Resolutions, six of this became a law. We started pushing amendments to the Cooperative Code since the 11th Congress, RA 9520, the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008 is our effort. We are also instrumental in the passage of RA 9497, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Act, the same with RA 9500, University of the Philippines Charter of 2008, we strongly value education, the COOP Network work hard for, it lobbied, for the passage of the measure in both houses,” said the statement.

“We have seen the importance of cheaper medicines, affordable to our majority Filipinos, we supported the passage of the Cheaper Medicine Act which is now covered by RA 9502.”

The statement of COOP NATCCO bore the signature of working party list, a party list that felt the need of the countryside, that giving opportunities to the rural folks is empowering them to be equal with the urban populace. It said that it is not wasting the 950 thousand votes it received on May 2010, with two-seats in Congress we have done what others failed to do. We are advocating food security to rural families by interlocking them with cooperative spirits. []

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